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Business card size

There are many ways to present yourself to your business partners, but we could say that this “old-school” one is the best, so here’s the chance to find out some useful things.

Basic info

Before we tell you more about business card size, you should know what it should feature. It is something that is supposed to give some basics about you, so do not exaggerate, so that it becomes overcrowded. Your name and last name, profession and contacts are more or less everything to be written and if people look for more, they will call you or send you an e-mail.

Business Card Size

A bit on design

You have surely heard lots of people saying that some plain design is the best, and it makes sense. As for Business Card Size, dimensions are mostly the same, 50 x 90 approximately. Make it look unique, but try not to be kitschy. People will appreciate your effort to show that you have taste, that you have innovative ideas for design, but be moderate. Do not experiment with colors; it is best to choose some neutral one.

Useful hints

If you plan to represent yourself to some foreign business partners, then it would be good to make your business card in two or more languages. You can put your native language on one, and some other on the opposite side. Of course, since English is the official language of business, you can make them in English only, if you don’t feel like complicating.

Medium length layered hairstyles 2014

Be good to your hair, be nice to the friends you love and show them a new trick we are about to teach you. Your hair is something you like the most, we like to share that idea with you but we will improve it and you will soon be on another level of the glory. Medium length layered hairstyles 2014 can really do something with your life, no one is safe when it comes to the love appeal you will spread around, no one is waiting on you to start your adventure because no one can really wait for it. If the life is giving you something you can’t take, you should at least try it.

Medium length layered hairstyles 2014

Live your world without fear

No one is ready to give you magic, no one is ready to wake you from your dreams but when you see what is up there waiting for you, you will simple love life more. You will give yourself a chance you never had before, you will start your morning with the biggest smile and there is nothing you can do which will stop you, not even for a second. Medium length layered hairstyles 2014 will be a fashion revolution in your life and you will right now see yourself in the best shape ever.

Hairstyles for women over 50

Do you want to be the queen of the lunch you are about to organize for your family? We are giving you the nicest weapon you can take, we are giving you pure joy and pure fashion in to your direction and you can later choose on all the different changes you want to adopt. Find out more at http://www.myhairstylesover50.com/.

Hairstyles for women over 50

Hairstyles for women over 50 will wake you up, there will never again be something similar, you can play it very hard to get with this style. When do you decide you need change? When everybody say you look the same for the ten exact same years? We want to shake you right now, we want to give you everything you want, we would like for you to feel like never before. This is great and you are about to do something wonderful. There should not be something boring for you.

There should only be one direction of happiness and one direction of life in you. Hairstyles for women over 50 can play with your sex appeal. Really, think about it, with Hairstyles for women over 50 you will look sexy? Do you want to start something new? Do you want it right now? We are here for you. We will make it possible. We will start all the talk with Hairstyles for women over 50!

Ferenando Alonso divorce

You want to know all the details in the life of the famous super star football player? You came on the right place because today we will be speaking about Fernando Alonso divorce, something you may have been heard about but nothing new or nothing spectacular in this case, so the journalist say but we know what it is. Check out http://www.fernando-alonso.info/reasons-for-his-divorce/ for more information on the subject!

There should be more happiness in his life but then again it is a question how much time he spent with the other half of their relationship. We need to be neutral in this case and we will for sure be positive in this case. Fernando Alonso divorce change the picture people believe in, there is a clue about it no one knows and today it is your happy day.

Fernando Alonso divorce was a big thing, it is something amazing and shocking that happened, a lot of women waited for this move and now they have all the time in the world to be his ladies when he starts dating again. Do you want to be that woman who will fight for his love? Do you want to give it a try? We can help you, do not worry!

2014 Short hairstyles for women over 40

Give yourself another chance for the passion and for the life you never had. You can do it with your look, don’t be in the dark corner because it can be the time of your life. There should be more than just one thing in your world and you should always think about yourself, no matter how young or old you are. Open your eyes while you still have more than just one option. Click on http://www.hairstylesforwomenover40.info/short/ and learn a lot more!

This is a great step for all the people

This is a simple beauty and simple try for you to be like a star you wanted to see so much when you were younger. Give yourself time and you will always be happy, is this your dream? Is this your idea of magic? No more waiting, no more cool and too young styles in your life because you will be as wonderful as you wanted it since the day you first saw beauty salon. 2014 Short hairstyles for women over 40 will change the way you feel about yourself. There should be more rules about diva look and you will simple be the girl you always wanted it to be.  2014 Short hairstyles for women over 40 is here for you!

Nail designs 2014

Wherever you look, you can see so many interesting nails. As the time goes by, it is getting more and more important, so find out which are the trendiest nail designs 2014.

This is it!

Believe it or not, the common rule for all the nail designs 2014 is very simple- the more unique it is the better! There are no limits, you are allowed to match colors as you wish, actually, the only thing that puts limits is your imagination! Even more can be seen at http://www.celebshion.com

Nail Designs 2014

From simple to avant-garde

You can combine two or more colors, but still keep some calm design, if your life style requires things to be that way. If you have no such rules, then you can add some sparkles, or some lovely nail stickers. You can do it yourself or if you are not so skillful, then some friend of yours can help you.

Nail care first!

Whichever nail designs 2014 you plan to choose, the most important above all is that your nails look healthy and nourished. It is very ugly to see polish chipped off, cuticles which are bitten off, and similar bad-looking things and situations, so before you decorate them, make them look decent.

Nail polish rack

When you want to complete the whole impression and to add the final touch to your physical appearance, this very last thing you do is doing your manicure and choosing the right nail lacquer for you. But what to do when you have a large number of nail lacquers and you don’t have the right place where to keep them? Then you must think of a nail polish rack which will give you the exact place where to keep the lovely nail lacquers. If you prefer DIY variations of the nail polish rack, you can also create it with thing you have already at home, if you are skillful with a hammer and nails.

The place which will be both nice and useful

Since women don’t have the feeling when they have to stop buying new nail lacquers, we have the right solution for you where to keep all those little bottles of joy and beauty. The most interesting nail polish lacquer is simple to create and it can look very nice though. If you have your own room, or the place where you keep the makeup, you can put some shelves to the existing closet and put your wonderful nail polishes on it to be easily seen. Your lacquers will be easy to reach and they will also look nice put together on the nail polish rack.

Selena Gomez tattoo

If you want to think about yourself as a worldwide princess let us tell you something more about Selena Gomez tattoo. This is a road for the people who are looking up to be the first who will find out something new and something fashionable these days. If you want a complete story, go to selenagomeztattoo.com and find out all about it!

Selena Gomez

Are you ready to play with all the decisions you have? Are you ready for something new in your life? You can be like Selena Gomez tattoo? In this case everyone will go right next to you and talk about different meanings of Selena Gomez tattoo.

What can be the explanation of the wonderful tattoo? What can be wonderful change you want to embrace? Would you like to copy someone who is singing like an angel? Never say no to the person who is ready to tell you the secret of the best looking young talent!

Are you ready to hear an exclusive word of magic? No more waiting on any one, you are going to think with your head. Everything can be available for you when you are ready to see the most intriguing things of the modern world. Selena Gomez tattoo will give you back some smile. Some passion and love!

Matte nail polish

image for Matte nail polishBored with shiny lacquers, fashion addicts are always looking for something new and chic. If you are reading this article, you surely have a complete rack of your lacquers in your bathroom (or even in your room) and you always want more. You fingernails are always colored in different combinations of manicure styles – French in various colors, ornamented manicure and everything that is trendy in the moment. Have you heard about matte nail polish? If you are not, let’s figure out what it is.


Neither glitter nor shine


You are looking for something different when it comes to your manicure style. Fine, this product might be interesting for you.(more about that at http://www.opinailpolishcolors.com/matte-nail-polish/)Matte nail polish gives you a complete appearance of your fingernails without shine. This effect is very unique and can be experienced with different colors and their shades. If your style is a bit extravagant, you might like this type of matte nail polish because it is different and it will surely need to be combined with a total image of yours.


Perfection wanted


The difference between regular lacquer (with a glitter) and matte nail polish lies in the fact that if you want to apply matte nail polish, you must be very precise. Every scratch and imperfection will be seen as if you put your fingernail under a magnifier glass. If you are not so patient when applying lacquers, this matte nail polish might not be the best solution for you.


Top coat without a shine


If you still want to try this type of lacquers, friendlier product for you would be a top coat with the same effect. This is the finishing layer which can be applied to your fingernails in order to have the same appearance as if you applied matte nail polish. Still it asks for precision, so if you are not so precise, skip the top coat and leave it that way.



One direction bedding

image of One direction bedding

This is a boy band and this is their look like bedding set! Do you think that you are the biggest fan and do you think this is something for you? We are here to make your wishes real and we are here to tell you that everything is available for you if you want it. This is your dream come try.

This is just the way things are going. See more at http://www.famceleb.com/one-direction-bedding/.This is your fantasy.

One direction bedding set will give you more energy in the morning. Today you have to decide!

You will wake up every morning and you will sleep with the favorite boys from the world of glow you simple adore. Is this the road you are about to start? One direction bedding set is cool and nothing can stop you on your way.

One direction bedding set can make you ideal and this is just the time of the year when everything is just made for you and your wishes. One direction bedding set will wake you up and this can be the perfect gift for you. Never say no to big surprise. Never say no to amazing changes in your home.